Bundle Of Nerves

Bundle Of Nerves Poster.jpg

A collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Pictures, BUNDLE OF NERVES is a short film that celebrates friendship, family and slime-sucking tentacles hell-bent on destroying the human race.

Produced as part of Guillermo del Toro’s “House of Horrors” project, and in collaboration with Legendary Pictures, BUNDLE OF NERVES is a short horror-comedy that plays homage to the classic pulp movies of yesteryear, but with a modern comedic, twist.

When the fine folks at Legendary Pictures asked me to make a short for Guillermo del Toro, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. He’s been a personal hero of mine for as long as I can remember. We were given one week to write and assemble our team and one day to shoot the film on these amazing gothic mansion sets at the Youtube Space LA. I’ve never had to put together a project so quickly and it was one of the most intense and creatively fulfilling experiences of my career.”                                             

–Ryan Spindell